We engineer advanced system peripherals - including flexible pipes & bellows, clamps, flanges, flares, marmon rings, injector bosses, gaskets, insulation wrap and other related products.


Specialist design flanges and marmon rings enable our exhaust systems to interact with other pipes, turbos and bellows without ever affecting the fluid dynamics of the internal flow. These products have specially designed gaskets that interact with the clamps to ensure there is no leakage within the system.




We are able to supply precision engineered components of the closest specification to meet the challenging requirements of the automotive industry. All products supplied by Fibre-Tech go through close quality control inspections before release to ensure all parts meet the highest possible standard.


Fibre-Tech are able to supply a wide range of clamps such as V-clamps, flat clamps, flex clamps and U-clamps that all make up the bill of materials of a final exhaust system. The diverse selection of high quality clamps available enable diverse, compact exhaust systems in confined spaces, making even the most ambitious design obstacles solvable to Euro 6 standards. 

Flexible Pipes & Bellows

Gas-tight flexible pipes and bellows are now an integral part of the design within an exhaust system. Due to emissions laws and requirements becoming more vigorous in the automotive industry, we are constantly looking to find new ways to overcome design constraints. The flexible pipes and bellows allow pipework to absorb vibration and movement, creating a tolerance balance across the whole system, reducing the risk of failure.


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