Heat Shields

Our stainless steel heat shields are manufactured using the highest quality materials - and provide a permanent insulation solution that is highly performant and aesthetically finished.

Direct control of heat displacement

Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to build permanent encapsulated insulation systems on pipework and heatshields that not only provide highly effective heat control, but also, a high quality and aesthetic finish.  The systems are designed to be robust and can be subjected to hostile environments for long periods of time - complying with all statutory standards.

Exhaust Insulation

Fixed Fibre-Tech Stainless Steel heatshields are made up of a permanent and temporary dimpled foil encapsulation system, enclosing our fibre-glass insulation. Our designs enable both permanent and temporary thermal barriers for both flat and multi-surface applications, including pipework. Our fully recyclable systems allow us to form concepts to suit any application, making it ideal for designs that have low clearance areas.

Thermal Cladding

Fibre-Tech Insulated cladding is an ideal solution for systems in close proximity with heat sensitive components and assemblies, predominantly electronics. The variety of heatshield products manufactured at our facility play a significant part of thermal management solutions that radically reduce the heat transfer from the area surrounding the heat source. High performance materials are used to ensure integrity of the final product.

High Quality and Precision

At Fibre-Tech not only do we ensure a high quality product, but also first-class services throughout the design phase to guarantee an effective and reliable service - throughout development and production. Products manufactured at Fibre-Tech are visually appealing, ensuring not only a product that performs to the highest standards, but also that products look great - whether integrated into an engine chassis, or an exposed diffuser on the end of an exhaust system.

Key features

  • Vibration resistant
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Seawater/Steam-Jet resistant
  • Long life expectancy
  • Enclosed dimpled stainless steel housing
  • Short development times
  • Lightweight

Technical specifications

  • Raw density: 120 - 220kg/m³
  • Working temperature: -50/+1000°C


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