Engineering services

With a 40-year track record in thermal engineering design services, we've been exposed to solving some of the world's most interesting and difficult thermal product challenges.

Our Design Solutions

Our highly qualified engineering design team provide solutions tailored to meet customer requirements. Focused on efficiency and cost effectiveness, our team provide solutions to complex engine and exhaust configurations that require thermal management, using fresh ideas and new approaches.

During the initial design process, materials are selected for the construction of the heat shield that provide optimum thermal performance - taking into account the environment in which the heatshield must operate.

Engineering Services:

  • Design
  • Develop
  • Prototype
  • Productionise (Tooling)
  • Manufacture

Our track record for success means we have the privilege of enjoying long term partnerships with leading bus, truck, marine, power generation, rail and other specialist industries.

Advanced 3d CAD modelling

Our 3D Computer Aided Design modelling system allows us to improve productivity through reduced design and development lead times, providing cost effective solutions to our customers. These factors have been fundimental in providing customers with high calibre design solutions deliverd within short time contraints. Our systems abilty to convert a variety of design formats to CAD files allows clients to share their 3D models with us, fast tracking the design process with speed and precision. This coupled with the ability undertake geometry checks and virtual testing of the product ensures design integrity, prior to manufacture 

Benefits of our modelling process:

  • Accelerated design process with greater detail
  • Reduce cost in product development
  • Improved visualisation and communication 
  • Simple reverse engineering capabilities
  • Virtual testing of design proir to manufacture


Thermal fluid simulation analysis software enables us to precisely predict areas of concern before the product enters manufacture. This enables us to anticipate problems and make changes to the design or material specification, prior to the manufacturing process. Understanding fluid flow, forces and heat transfer are critical in ensuring our exhaust systems meet the design expectations of our customers.


We're experienced, friendly and experts at what we do. Find out how we can help you re-imagine the way you solve your most challenging thermal engineering projects by getting in touch today.

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