Offshore environments are among the most advanced engineering environments in the world today. We design tailored pipework, thermal acoustic insulation systems and fireproofing solutions.

Enormous Energy Saving Potential

Our dedicated design team are always on the lookout for new innovative techniques and technologies to provide the best solution to our customer. Fibre-Tech products are within the offshore oil and gas market for insulation and fire protection applications around the world, offering cost effective thermal and acoustic insulation systems.

Products and materials are designed specially to suit the demands of the industry and to achieve optimal performance for all applications involved.

Simple, Efficient and Cost Effective Fireproofing

This is a specialised market where insulation systems are a paramount safety provision. A majority of applications need high temperature resistant products due to the working environments that are predominantly for personal protection, as low temperature requirements are not as common within the market.

 Fibre-Tech concede fire proofing is a major safety aspect on an offshore plant that requires a simple but effective solution, so we ensure we are able to guarantee productivity and high quality product.


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