Commercial vehicles

With a 40-year track record, we’re experienced in developing custom solutions for challenging automotive and haulage system design.


Commercial vehicles play a vital role in our modern transportation systems worldwide, placing unconventional challenges for engine, emissions and exhaust engineering within the industry. With decades of experience within this sector, our dedicated team of market specialists are able to provide all thermal and acoustic, pipework and exhaust system solutions. Our advanced design capabilities enable our engineers to design and control the development of products at our flexible design and manufacturing facility. Based on this, Fibre-Tech is a strong partner to any commercial vehicle customer looking for a responsive service.

Our custom designed automotive products are designed to suit you and your needs whether it be a simple or complex application. Our innovative ideas deliver unique solutions as we are aware that modern design constraints push commercial vehicles to their limits. These constraints may also include various safety and environmental requirements that are becoming standard practice within the industry making us ideally placed within the market.


High temperature insulation and noise control systems are implemented to enhance performance, increase mileage and create a more comfortable experience for the customer. As a result of our innovation, we are able to consistently provide a stable service with reliable thermal and acoustic insulation solutions that can be drastically cost effective in the long run. 

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