Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Analysis

Our wide range of tested acoustic materials enable our engineers to provide a viable to solution to absorbing noise issues. Using precision sound testing equipment, our analysis allows us to identify the most suitbale product from our database to ensure to we achieve product optimisation. 

Acoustic Quilts

Manufactured using a special process which not only eliminates stitch holes for optimum fluid resistance, but uses the glass fibre absorption layer as an additional reinforcement to the outer fire proof surface coating, making it far tougher and more durable than any of its counterparts.

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Acoustic Foams & Barriers

Sourced by leading acoustic engineers, our acoustic barriers are the most effective temporary noise control solutions on the market. Sourced to suit all applications in sound control and designed to perform in some of the most extreme environments. Lightweight, fire retardant and and weatherproof, find out more to find out how this product can benefit you.

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Our products are made with industry-leading precision

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