Power generation

A wide range of high temperature insulation materials can be used for all applications involved in power generation and industrial plants and their harsh industrial environments.

Thermal Solutions

High temperature products for stationary systems require crucial criteria, such as maintenance and the ability to enable the user to assemble and disassemble our products, whilst also following close restrictions and legal requirements. This process also involves high quality control within the entire product life cycle to ensure it meets professional association regulations. These factors play a major part in ensuring the product is safe and the product has increased performance efficiency and reduced operating costs.


Soft jackets are more predominantly used for this application, as they are easily removable to allow for ease of maintenance. Not only bespoke soft insulation jackets be required, but the design may require a permanently fixed shield. This custom made product is a fixed stainless steel shell that encloses the insulation onto to the required surface, no matter how complex. Due to high precision of these systems, it can be designed within close parameters to accommodate the close proximity of the generators.

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