Manufacturing Excellence

To enable Fibre-Tech to become an all in one solution provider, we must ensure we have the capacity to design and manufacture not only an optimum product, but also ensure we are competitive. Our in house design and manufacture facilities enable us to be self-sufficient in all aspects of our manufactuing process. Manufacturing is undertaken at three locations within the UK.


At our insulation facility we have 40 years of industry experience within thermal insulation design and manufacturing. This has enabled us to build a portfolio of materials to suit all applications within the vehicle and engine market. The correct choice of material is essential in ensuring optimum performance of the insulation. Our expertise allows us to select the appropriate materials for the environmental conditions experienced in service.

Insulation jackets


The fabrication centre is not only where we manufacture all of our heatshields and fixed encapsulated insulation systems, but also where we manufacture our exhaust systems. Our advanced welding facility gives us the ability to offer a wide range of materials and a variety welding techniques. Prototyping and tooling are part of the everyday processes occurring within this facility, with close interaction with the design team.

Exhaust Systems

Precision Engineering

Ensuring we are able to offer a complete engineering based solution to our customers has always been a priority. The acquisition of our precision engineering facility in early 2017 has provided us with the ability to fulfill this goal. We are now fully self sufficient in our own component requirements. As a complete engineering component manufacturer, we are also able to offer a wide range of CNC and precision engineered products to our customers. This can range from from one off prototypes, to small, medium and large batch production. In addition we can provide; wet spray, powder coating, anodising, alocrom, hard anodising, hard chroming and metal spraying.

Precision Engineering

First-class thermal and acoustic solutions

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