We design and manufacture bespoke marine exhaust pipework, insulation wraps and heat shields - and use a wide variety of materials suitable for everything from cruise ships to small tug boats.

Product Guarantee

Not only do our products increase the efficiency of the exhaust systems, but also, the thermal insulation provides a safer working environment for the crew. Overall, the main objective of the soft insulation jackets is to act as a heat barrier, whether it’s keeping the heat in or out. Not only do Fibre-Tech’s bespoke thermal jackets significantly reduce the surface temperature of the exhaust system, but they also radically decrease the risk of a potentially fire in the engine room. We certify that all products designed and manufactured by Fibre-Tech are all SOLAS compliant.  

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Our products ensure..

  • A high safety record.
  • A significant reduction of ambient heat.
  • Adherence to marine regulations.
  • Reduction of fire on board the vessel.

Our services and solutions

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