Thermal Testing

Due to engines becoming lighter and more efficient, naturally, the engine compartment and the exhaust are burning at higher temperatures, so identifying these heat sources and its behaviour are more critical than ever when providing a solution. During a site survey, our engineers will use a thermal imaging camera to accurately address the areas of concern. This data enables us diagnose any issues our customers are facing with heat management, allowing us to evaluate the application and design the product accordingly.

Acoustic Testing

During the process of a product development stage, Acoustic testing is often essential in arriving at comprehensive sound solutions that qualifies material selection and part design. Fibre-Tech Engineers and Technicians use precision testing and recording equipment. Our service is conducted under these specified regulations and through customer direction in an uncertified test setting. Once a solution is prepared and finalised, in most cases, our customers prefer to conduct their own certified test and will incorporate the suggested designs and materials verified by Fibre-Tech. We feel this service is very unique in our industry and is what sets us apart from our competition.

First-class thermal and acoustic solutions

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